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With just one pocket WiFi, you can stay connected during your trip, explore amazing travel life.

Founded in 2014, HKmifi is #1 Travel Communication Specialist that providing unlimited internet access for Travelers to Hong Kong or go abroad from Hong Kong with Pocket WiFi & International SIM Card. Cover 140+ Countries with local’s best network operators.

HKmifi operates unique cloud SIMs technology. Through seamless integration of global network operators resources, travelers can enjoy cost efficient, fast and secure network services.

By cooperating with different party of travel service providers, HKmifi also provide value-added services to our subscribers via the brand mobile app, such as airport transfers and luggage delivery.

Our Mission:
With cloud SIMs technology, we provide cost efficient connection for fast and secure data network services to travelers and enterprises.

Our Vision:
To become an excellent travel platform that providing a one-stop travel services to travelers.

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